Take Your Child to Work Day


For Take your Child to Work Day, I was on the event planning committee and was assigned the role of Art Director for the project. I was solely responsible for all the artwork and materials – as well as printing and assembly. MTSI is an Aerospace/Engineering company, so we kept a theme of airplanes to keep the kids on a given track and to add a bit of fun to a typically boring day for the kids.

Items created: Posters, Jet Fuel Hot Cocoa tins, Invoice for craft plane parts (including glue), Luggage Tag Name Stickers, Scavenger Hunt Boarding Pass with extra clues, Passport Activity Book (pages include fake Passport info page for mock interviews, US Map with company locations, fake Resume page, fun activities, and a stamp page for the scavengar hunt), Airport-like signs for around the office.




Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

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